Micha Schwarz
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Justifiable “Makame” describes their music as “percussive diversity”. At their concerts, the three musicians – Mathias Aumayr, Mecky Pilecky, and Micha Schwarz – display their diverse playing skills with no less than 28 drums of different descent. Diversity again becomes evident in the assorted nature of their concert program. Music pieces where driving Djembes and an expressively powerful Drum-set form a dense rhythmical and resonant groove, meet with compositions that are ruled by down-to-earth, calmly flowing sounds with more meditative moods.

Micha Schwarz Composition

In the arrangement of their pieces, “Makame” always leaves enough free room for lively solos and spontaneous improvisation.

The most intimate moments of “Makame” concerts belong to Micha’s Hang-Solo “Space”.

Micha SchwarzMathias Aumayr: Didgeridoo, Djembe, Kpanlogo, Congas, Udu-Drums, Cajon, Cajinto,
Koni, Small Percussion.

Mecky Pilecky: Drum-set, Doundouns, Darabuka,Frame Drum, Ngoma, Djembe, Log Drum, Cajon.

Micha Schwarz: Hang, Wavedrum, Bougarabou, Sangban, Sogo, Udu-Drums, Djembe,
Cajon, Congas, Cajinto, Rototoms, Milk Can, Oil Drum, Voice.

To make booking inquiries for “Makame“ to play at your event, please write to Micha Schwarz:

You may find further information under: www.makame.net

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