Micha Schwarz
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Micha SchwarzMicha Schwarz was born in Dubai and spent a part of his childhood in the United Arab Emirates. At the age of one, he received his first hand-drum as a present from his parents. This small double-sided instrument, upholstered with real goat-skin, was his favourite toy for many years to come – until his friend destroyed the skins with a pair of scissors! Soon after that, Micha began to assemble a collection of various drums and percussion-instruments that continues to grow to this day. It is this collection that provides Micha with most satisfaction when playing.

He was a youngster who just grew out of being a punk when he made his first stage-experience as a percussionist. The name of the band was “Second Paradise”.

Current projects and bands Micha is involved in include percussion-group “Makame“, which was formed together with Mecky Pilecky; group “Adana”, which draws inspiration from Jazz, Klezmer, and Ethno-Grooves; trio “Massassi Tunes” which plays spherical Ambient Folk; trio “Klanglandschaft” which plays meditative music; and, his Solo-Project “Moranga Project” which fits somewhere in between the World and Ambient-music-styles.

Since March 2009 Micha Schwarz has been privileged to work in association with the firm Cajon-Direkt Percussion as an endorser.

Micha experiences the drum as an instrument capable of evoking an intensive joy of being alive and also inducing deep contemplation, in equal measures. Music to him is one of the many opportunities to bridge the gap between seeming polarities of the worldly and the spiritual.

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