Micha Schwarz
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Micha Schwarz and his CajonSince March 2009, I have had the pleasure of being engaged with the Firm “Cajon-Direkt Percussion“ in the capacity of Endorser, playing the aesthetically pleasing and sound-impressive Cajon “Reference White Makassar“ during the concerts and in the sound-studio.

For me, the following features count as the special advantages of this instrument when compared to the other Cajons, “Reference White Makassar” has an extraordinary compact-sounding Bass. Even during quiet or tender playing this Bass does not sound hollow and dull. On the contrary, it comes out clear and expressive. In the same fashion, Snare-Sounds come out dynamically full, without losing their brilliance during tender playing. Moreover, it is important to note that the Basses and the Snare-Sounds appear incredibly clear and differentiated. In general, the instrument is responding very sensitively and with a little bit of experimenting, a surprisingly broad variety of sounds present themselves within a very short period of time. A further advantage of my “Reference White Makassar” is the in-built microphone. This feature is not only practical and convenient, but it also allows me to get used to a constant sound quality and to have confidence that the instrument will sound as intended. Therefore the in-built microphone is a valuable addition to my creative potential.

“Reference White Makassar” is a very inspiring instrument, which opens new vistas in my playing.

You will have the opportunity to take a look at this beautiful instrument and possibly even to play it during my workshops, or after my concerts.

Sound-samples and further information to this and other instruments of the Firm “Cajon-Direkt Percussion” may be found on the website
www.cajon-direkt.de .

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