Micha Schwarz
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makame, rhythm path

…a seed bursting open to become a tree, the magic of seemingly tiny movements like flowers coming into bloom, the steady pace of a caravan, the river’s murmur changing with each bend, the joyful, flowing motion of a dance, the beat of a birds wings, a smile caught passing by, the passionate melting of two lovers’ breaths, the haste of the hunter and the hunted, leaving and arriving, meeting and letting go of one another. Returning in smaller and larger circles – familiar yet again unique – the magic of the moment. Again and again and always a first time – the motions of life on Rhythm Paths…

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  1. Flow (Micha Schwarz)
    Mecky Pilecky: Triangle.
    Micha Schwarz: Triangle, Udu Drum, Water Sounds.

  2. Chasar (Mecky Pilecky)
    Mecky Pilecky: Djembe, Frame Drum, Chinese Cymbal.
    Micha Schwarz: Djembe.

  3. Le souvenir d’ Audell (Mecky Pilecky, Micha Schwarz)
    Mecky Pilecky: Congas, Sogo, Rattle.
    Micha Schwarz: Djembe, Kalimba, Claves, Ocean Drum.

  4. Frisco (Mecky Pilecky, Micha Schwarz)
    Mecky Pilecky: Ethno Drumset.
    Micha Schwarz: Congas.

  5. Murmurio do rio (Mecky Pilecky)
    Mecky Pilecky: Djembe, Cowbell.
    Micha Schwarz: Djembe.

  6. Odiaxere (Mecky Pilecky)
    Mecky Pilecky: Ethno Drumset.
    Micha Schwarz: Wooden Box.

  7. Makassah (traditionell)
    Mecky Pilecky: Drumset, Djembe.
    Micha Schwarz: Conga.

  8. Afrodesia (Micha Schwarz)
    Mecky Pilecky: Doundouns.
    Micha Schwarz: Djembes, Shekere.
    Karin Tauscher: Djembe.

  9. Dounba (Mecky Pilecky)
    Mecky Pilecky: Doundouns, Jungle Sounds.
    Micha Schwarz: Djembe, Krin, Voice, Shekere, Jungle Sounds.
    Karin Tauscher: Djembe.

  10. Khalil (Mecky Pilecky)
    Mecky Pilecky: Bongos, Conga, Egg shaker.
    Micha Schwarz: Conga, Claves.

  11. Steppenlauf (Mecky Pilecky, Micha Schwarz)
    Mecky Pilecky: Kpanlogo, Water Gong.
    Micha Schwarz: Floor Tom, Spring Drum, Water Gong.

  12. Fearless (Mecky Pilecky, Micha Schwarz)
    Mecky Pilecky: Ethno Drumset.
    Micha Schwarz: Djembe.
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